Sunday, April 1, 2007

April 2007 -

This month I want to try something new. In the past there was talk of doing some more dramatic acting clips. Well some months you might not feel like you are very dramatic. So this month I want to have the option of a more comedic clip, and a more dramatic clip. If this format works well, and everyone likes having the option of choosing from a dramatic or comedic clip, let’s do this every month.

Comedic Clip

Dramatic Clip

Please keep in mind that, just because it is labeled as dramatic, or comedic, doesn’t mean it has to be animated that way. If there is some comedic angle you can take with the dramatic clip, by all means, take it!

Good Luck Beefcakes!

March in Review


March has ended and so has the monthly animation challenge for ‘Elderberry Wine’. From the posts, it looks like people have finished their shot to varying degrees. Everyone’s shots are coming along nicely and so it would be a shame not to finish the work. So here is what I am thinking:

The new sound clip will be posted shortly, and with it begins April’s Animation Challenge. I want to get this one going for anyone who might be planning on joining the challenge for the first time. However, for the March entries, let’s give it another week or two to polish them off. The sooner the better, of course, but since the competition got going a bit late, and since people have lives outside this competition, it seems only appropriate to extend the deadline slightly.

What I also suggest would be to just go ahead and update your link to the newest YouTube video (the new one replacing the old one). If you want to keep them all archived with YouTube, or whoever, that’s totally cool, but just having one visible video on your post will help keep everyone from scrolling for a million years to get to each entry. You can also modify the March post to have any additional notes, and preferably, a version tag of some kind (i.e. ‘Blocking’, ‘Blocking Plus’, ‘Polishing’, ‘Final’, ‘Whatever’).

Everyone’s March entries are looking awesome, so I am excited to be already starting a new challenge where we can see some more great work.

Am I forgetting anything? If so, please feel free to e-mail . I set up an account with Google pages so that we can post Quicktime files, (which we will hopefully be switching to shortly). Which brings me to the next point; Check it out! This is pretty self explanatory. I don’t plan on doing a lot with It, but I would like to use it for easy storage of important information, and possibly showing archived animations. Let me know what you think!

Alright, I think that is the long and short of the first month in review, and the plans looking forward. Congratulations! to the entries for March, you have one more kickass piece of animation to add to your reel!