Friday, March 30, 2007


After too much spam, and a lot of help from Josh (thanks Josh), here it is. Let me know what you think.


Nelson Brown said...

Nice job, Aaron. Sorry I'm so late in commenting, hopefully you can stil use some feedback. Obviously it's pretty well polished and you've made some great acting choices, especially with the secondary character and his looks at the camera. I also like how the main character sort of has a "Crocodile Hunter" thing going on with his presentation. One minor thing I would look at is the curves on the root when the main character goes to walk around the secondary. It looks like there are a few odd bumps in the rhythm of the walk. Also, you might try offsetting some of the higher parts of the torso to loosen the walk up a bit. Other than that, I would just say that the two-handed gesture he makes on "Gallon," "Arsenic," "Strichnine," and "Then," is a little repetitive. You might try to offset the twinning on the hands a bit to differentiate the poses. Well done though, and On time at that!

Aaron said...

Thanks for the feedback, Nelson. I agree with all your suggestions. I needed to go back and add some bounce to the walk in the "Dude" animation, too. I'll definitely take another pass at this.