Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Nice job guys. I figured I'd leave some quick feedback, even if it's too late!

El Snoozo: I like the lean forward on the "gallon" and "wine" accents. Makes the character look inviting, which goes well with the gentle voice. My main complaint is that I think the wrist bend angles are too extreme for most of the animation. I realize you want to exaggerate, but they're nearing the angle of looking "broken."

Josh: I like how you start out with subtle tilts of the head, and build up into more motion with the upper body and arms. The thinking and shrug on "stricknine" is a great moment. I think the main thing you can improve is moving that gesturing hand over to the (your) left a little to get a better sillhouette. Just so it's not getting lost in the arm of the chair.

Good starts guys, hopefully I'll have my blocking posted soon so you can give me your 2 cents.

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Nelson Brown said...

Apologies for the big post guys, apparently I'm a blogging moron...