Monday, March 26, 2007

Eldeberry Wine: First Pass

Well here it is, my first pass at the sound file. All the main poses are pretty much there, and now it's the mad rush to "Git er done" by the end o' the month.

Lemme know what you guys think.

Also I went the youtube route, and it seems that the video gets a little delayed from the soundfile..I dunno if that's from compression, or what.


Josh Riley said...

Hey man,
I cant seem to get the video to play.... when I click the play button it hangs on 'loading'.... when I double click on the video to go to youtube.... it brings up an empty page.

El Snoozo said...

Hopefully, it got fixed up, I just set the file to public, so hopefully it'll work now

Josh Riley said...

Looks good. Clear poses, nice timing.

Only thing I would say is, keep an eye on the IK arms, they are swimming a bit right now, but... you are still in blocking, so I dont know how valid that comment really is at the moment.

Either way, cool stuff. Looking forward to seeing the final.

El Snoozo said...

Thanks for the feedback, fellow beefcakers.

But yeah the hands are a bit swimmy, and I'll straighten them curves out in the final.

Why do I feel like this is like high school and they give you a month for a paper, and you wait till the last week?

Aaron said...

I like the attitude of this one. Good body expression and use of shoulders. I agree with the other comments, but I think the hands are coming together nicely.

Dustin said...

She looks like a sweet old lady in this one. The ideas are there, just need to tighten them up a bit, I think.