Wednesday, March 14, 2007

First Blocking Pass

Well here is my first pass at blocking. I have been working on posing for quite some time, and I feel like I have some more to work on, but I wanted to post it early and get any feedback people might have. Any comments are welcomed and appreciated! I hope to make a good pass on this over the weekend, but we'll see how much time I have.



Newsquirt said...

where's the video at man? put it up on youtube and link it

El Snoozo said...

Lookin good so far, the only suggestion I can make, is maybe just try to get the other arm invloved in one of your main poses.

So how'd you get the vid posted?

Josh Riley said...

newsquirt: I am working on that this weekend. Getting the video posted this way was a pain in the ass.

el snoozo: Thanks for the comments. To post the video, I sold my soul to a web developer to learn how to embed a video (actually I sifted then copy and pasted some HTML code) but it was a SERIOUS pain in the ass, so this weekend I am uploading it to YouTube, and then hopefully linking the video here will be relatively easy.

I hope to get another pass up on Sunday with all my keys and breakdowns. It feels like the end of the month is coming up soon.

Josh Riley said...

Sheesh! that was annoying... every time the page loaded the stupid animation played... anyway... I fixed it.

Aaron said...

This doesn't load for me anymore, but from what I remember, the poses seemed good, though I agree that incorporating the other arm would loosen her up a bit.

Dustin said...

This is great. It's very spare which is nice to begin with, but the personality totally shines through. I feel like I could describe who this person is if I had to and it fits the dialogue well. The only comment are the last three poses; her anticipation, the pinching gesture and then the final poses - her head on the pinching gesture pose feels like it's pushed a bit too far to her left. I know it's nitpicking, but that zigzag motion is the only thing that really stood out as weird - other than that, nice job!